Straight to the facts…

Greenpeace say the fashion industry has a massive effect on the planet in all steps of the production cycle; from growing cotton, producing fabrics and making the clothes., a fashion portal, worked with eco-brand Reformation to show the facts and figures about sustainability and the current threats. The following infographic has been created to show some of the main ways that the apparel market currently harms our planet.


How the fashion industry affects the planet
Infographic showing how fashion can damage the planet. Created using Canva

Insider Opinion: the garment maker


Andrew Gormley
Andrew Gormley. Image courtesy of LinkedIn


Andrew Gormley is the owner of G&B fashions, a company working with some of the biggest names on the UK high streets including New Look and Blue Inc, and sourcing garments mainly in Bangladesh. He spoke about the way his business works, it’s effect on the environment and some of the ways he is trying to limit the damage caused to the planet. However, he suggests that a strong need from consumers for fast fashion at low prices is a big part of the problem.




Consumer opinion…

Consumers play a large part in brands being able to act in an unsustainable way because of the large quantities of clothing we buy. Fashion Revolution, a global movement addressing the problems, report that as a society, 400% more clothes are being bought compared to 20 years ago.  So, how conscious are we about the need for changes to be made, and the impact of fast fashion?

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