Insider Opinion: the garment maker


Andrew Gormley
Andrew Gormley. Image courtesy of LinkedIn


Andrew Gormley is the owner of G&B fashions, a company working with some of the biggest names on the UK high streets including New Look and Blue Inc, and sourcing garments mainly in Bangladesh. He spoke about the way his business works, it’s effect on the environment and some of the ways he is trying to limit the damage caused to the planet. However, he suggests that a strong need from consumers for fast fashion at low prices is a big part of the problem.





Insider Opinion: the sustainability strategist

Kellie Dalton is a strategist at Futerra; a sustainability consultancy and creative agency that helps big brands change their effect on the planet. She talks about the current threats to the globe from the fashion industry and why this has come about. Kellie also suggests some key ways that both brands, and consumers, can help to bring about change.

Kellie Dalton
Kellie Dalton. Image courtesy of

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Westfield, Stratford
Westfield, Stratford. Image courtesy of Creative Commons

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